We receive many calls from people worried that their wages will be garnished due to credit card debt. If you are only behind a few payments, you should not worry about your wages being garnished. However, if you stopped paying your bills months ago and were sued for the debt, then you should know that funds can be removed from your bank account or your wages can be garnished. The only way that your wages can be garnished for unsecured credit card debt is if there is a judgement against you.

How long does a debt need to be delinquent for you to be sued?

This will vary. However, you run a higher risk of being sued if you are behind on payments for 6 months to a year. Typically, a credit card company will use collection calls, letters, and other tactics before they will resort to a lawsuit.

What will stop your wages from being garnished?

Take comfort in knowing that you have options! Many people do not realize that you can negotiate with creditors. When negotiating with creditors, come up with a payment plan to pay off your debt. This will help you avoid garnished wages. You can also reach out to the court and explain why you feel the garnishment should be reversed. Finally, you can file for bankruptcy. This can be your best option to discharge and/or greatly reduce your debt.

Have been dealing with collection calls and letters? Have you received a judgement against you? If so, you might feel overwhelmed and not know what to do. Contact our office and set up a consultation appointment to review your situation and find the best course of action for you.