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27 07, 2023



My wife and I consulted with and then hired Daniela and her staff to secure a Chapter 7 discharge of massive credit card debt.  My mental health suffered greatly during the process because I was overly nervous. After 40 years of paying bills on time, suddenly we were in the position of not paying our [...]

25 07, 2023

Most Common Alternatives To Bankruptcy And When To Consider Them


Beyond Bankruptcy: Practical Alternatives and Their Timing The heavy weight of unsustainable debts can be lifted by declaring bankruptcy, which gives people the opportunity to reconstruct their financial lives, learn important lessons about money management, and recover control over their future financial well-being. However, if that path won’t lead you to file one, it is [...]

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25 06, 2023

The Most Common Myths About Bankruptcy


Don't let the fear of bankruptcy myths hold you back from seeking the relief you deserve Bankruptcy can be a complex and often misunderstood area of law. Many individuals in Pasadena, California, find themselves facing the most common myths about bankruptcy. It is crucial to separate fact from fiction when navigating such a significant [...]

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23 05, 2023

Peggy O


Daniela Romero is a no-nonsense, articulate lawyer with a unique warmth about her. Her advice was crystal clear, and she helped me map out the path to a solution for my dilemma. Her deep experience is apparent when consulting, and she’s a great, active listener.

Peggy O2023-05-23T12:19:09+00:00
23 05, 2023



So awesome. I had a wage garnishment from a judgment. I thought my money was gone forever, and I was ecstatic to learn my attorney, Ms. Romero had been able to protect my assets and return it to me. It was amazing.

23 05, 2023

Richard V.


Words cannot describe how grateful I am to this woman who has kept me in my home for so long. She helps me to see the logic in my decisions and has helped me to set right the course of my life.

Richard V.2023-05-23T12:17:09+00:00
23 05, 2023

Robert M.


I had a very challenging time during the recession, losing my full-time job while pursuing a Master’s and there came a time where I simply “hit the wall” in my finances. In the midst of it, I also had a couple of incorrectly reported, disputed debts along with a couple of legitimate but ever so [...]

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23 05, 2023



YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Thank you so very much…I just received the full amount of the levy back. I thought it would take a lot longer…but I read your demand letter and you are an awesome attorney!! Thank you again and hope to see you soon.

23 05, 2023



Daniela is not only one of my former law school classmates but a very good friend. She is an outstanding lawyer who pays great attention to detail and has great instincts. I have actually referred friends and family members to her and all have been wonderfully impressed and appreciated greatly the care and attention she [...]

23 05, 2023

Maria M.


Very satisfied with consultation. Daniela took me in the same day I called and helped ease worries. She was very informative, polite, and patient. Daniela went far and beyond to have all of my husband’s and my questions answered. I highly highly recommend. We left her office feeling stress free and comfortable with our visit.

Maria M.2023-05-23T12:13:31+00:00