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The thought of having creditors come to take the money you owe them seems like a scary thought. The mere idea of drowning in debt is enough of a challenge for most people, what more to have creditors harass them for the owed money. Fortunately, in bankruptcy law, there is the concept of automatic stay. Allow a bankruptcy automatic stay attorney to help you with this to gain bankruptcy relief. 

An automatic stay is defined as stopping creditors from collecting money you owe to them. Upon bankruptcy filing, foreclosure proceedings are frozen, and collectors must seize debt collection activities such as contacting you and filing lawsuits. However, automatic stay also has its exceptions, so it is best to consult with a bankruptcy automatic stay attorney who can explain bankruptcy law effectively to you. 

Experienced Pasadena, CA Bankruptcy Automatic Stay Attorney

If you are drowning in debt and need legal assistance, look no further than a Pasadena, CA bankruptcy automatic stay attorney from The Law Office of Daniela Romero. The seasoned and trusted Pasadena, CA bankruptcy automatic stay attorney can offer legal advice, aid you when you file bankruptcy, and represent you in your bankruptcy case at a bankruptcy court. 

The attorney can also offer tailor-made solutions to your financial woes and ensure you get the best possible outcome. A free consultation with the bankruptcy attorney is available, should you require it. Schedule an appointment with a Pasadena, CA bankruptcy automatic stay attorney right now. 

Why do I need a Bankruptcy Automatic Stay Attorney in Pasadena, CA?

bankruptcy automatic stay attorney Usually, if the person knows they are bankrupt, getting legal help would be the last thing on their minds. After all, getting in touch with an attorney seems like more bills to pay. However, The Law Office of Daniela Romero offers a free consultation to help you climb your way out of your bankruptcy woes. 

An experienced bankruptcy attorney helps you, the debtor, by walking you through the bankruptcy process, and explaining how an automatic stay helps you stop your creditors from contacting and collecting your dues. An attorney can also help put an automatic stay into good use and prevents creditors from harassing you, fighting back against any relief attempted to be filed. 

Get in touch with a bankruptcy automatic stay attorney in Pasadena, CA, from the Law Office of Daniela Romero. The attorney assists clients in all bankruptcy concerns, such as an automatic stay to avoid foreclosure and even probates. The law firm’s bankruptcy lawyer services clients throughout Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley, offering a personalized take on your case, and forming a positive attorney-client relationship. Schedule an appointment with a bankruptcy automatic stay attorney now to get relief and take control over your life. 

What is Automatic Stay?

The most immediate benefit in bankruptcy is an automatic stay, wherein your creditors are stopped from calling or partaking in collection practices. Proceedings such as foreclosure, wage garnishments, placing liens, and seizing property are all halted when the automatic stay is in effect. 

While an automatic stay can be offered as a reprieve, a sort of protection against losing your property or being kicked out, keep in mind that there are specific guidelines on what an automatic stay can protect you against. In this case, you must understand first why filing bankruptcy is crucial through the legal guidance provided by a bankruptcy automatic stay attorney.

What Can Automatic Stay Prevent?

An automatic stay can protect you from certain losses, including the following:

  • Utility Disconnections. If you default on utility bill payments and the company threatens a disconnection, an automatic stay halts the disconnection for 20 days. The amount of the bill rarely, if ever, justifies bankruptcy filings. It makes sense to file if other debts exist. 
  • Foreclosure. An automatic stay can stop foreclosure temporarily if your home is at risk of this action. The consecutive claims depend on the kind of bankruptcy that you file. Chapter 13 bankruptcy enables you to keep your home, while Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not. 
  • Eviction. An automatic stay also protects you from being evicted from your home temporarily. An automatic stay will not affect eviction proceedings if the landlord has reached a judgment. 
  • Collection of Overpayment of Public Benefits. Overpaid public benefits entitle the agency to collect out of future checks if they do not receive it from you directly. An automatic stay does not protect you from this if you become ineligible for benefits. 
  • Wage Garnishment. Filing for bankruptcy halts wage garnishments almost immediately. This enables you to take home a full salary and discharge qualifying debt such as credit card debt and personal loans. 

What are the Limitations of Automatic Stay?

There are certain exemptions to an automatic stay, such as:

  • Tax Proceedings. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can audit and issue tax deficiency notices, and an automatic stay cannot stop this. However, an automatic stay can temporarily stop the IRS from issuing liens or seizing property and income. The bankruptcy type tells if you will be responsible for taxes after bankruptcy.
  • Support. An automatic stay will not protect you against paternity, child support, and alimony lawsuits.
  • Criminal Proceedings. An automatic stay also will not stop criminal proceedings such as writing bad checks. 
  • Pensions Loans. Money can be withheld from your salary to repay pensions. 
  • Multiple Filings of Bankruptcy. If you had a bankruptcy case within the last year, an automatic stay terminates the case after 30 days. However, the trustee, the U.S. trustee, or a creditor can ask for the continuation of the automatic stay.

How Does Automatic Stay Help?

When it is in effect, an automatic stay keeps creditor harassment and threats to your income at bay and stops lawsuits from turning into judgments. The automatic stay also protects you from liens and lawsuits. If you need assistance regarding automatic stay, it is best to contact a Pasadena, CA bankruptcy automatic stay attorney who can help you with your case.

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Bankruptcy can be a depressing time for anyone who goes through it. Being in the trenches of financial instability, coupled with harassing calls from creditors threatening to take your home, can be too much for anyone to bear. Luckily, bankruptcy has an automatic stay that takes effect upon filing and protects you from being evicted or having your property seized. 

Are you or a loved one going through deep financial troubles? Are you in danger of being foreclosed or evicted? If your answer is yes, then the wisest move you can make is to get in touch with a Pasadena, CA bankruptcy automatic stay attorney who can advise you on the next best course of action. SCHEDULE A PHONE CONSULTATION with the Law Office of Daniela Romero right now.