A common question we are asked is if you can lose your job because you filed for bankruptcy. You should know that your employer cannot fire you only because you filed for bankruptcy. This is protected under the law. Again, your employer (government or private) cannot fire you for the sole reason that you filed for bankruptcy. Also, your spouse’s job is also protected under the law. However, a government or private employer might refuse to hire you due to a bankruptcy.

Worried About Getting Hired?

The law does provide some protection when you are being considered for a new job, but it does not apply to all types of employers. A government employer cannot refuse to hire you or someone associated with you due to your bankruptcy filing. This also applies to if you have been insolvent before your bankruptcy discharge and if you have not paid back a dischargeable debt in your bankruptcy or one that was discharged in bankruptcy.

Private employers do not have the same restriction as government employers. A private employer can refuse to hire you based on your bankruptcy filing. Many private companies require background and/or credit checks before hiring a candidate. This will most likely reveal your bankruptcy filing. You also may not be protected during the evaluation period of a new position.

Are Worried About Your Job?

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