Cost is often a concern when considering retaining an attorney for legal services. Most people are looking to spend the least when hiring a lawyer. If you come across an attorney with pricing that is too good to be true, you will want to dig deeper before moving forward.

Are you concerned about the cost of bankruptcy?

In many cases, the benefits of having a skilled consumer attorney will outweigh the costs. Make sure that you get a breakdown of what each attorney will do for you for their quoted pricing. Be sure to ask questions: What can you expect throughout the filing process? Will the attorney attend hearings with you? What are the filing fees? What are the attorney fees? You want to be sure that there are no hidden fees or charges that could dramatically change the quoted price you receive at your consultation.

What are the first steps to take?

First, you need to do research and “shop around.” When it comes to attorney costs, fees will vary. Sometimes, the attorney can negotiate to come up with pricing that will work for both of you. Keep in mind that the cheapest or most expensive lawyer may not be the best option for you.

Next, you need to feel comfortable with the attorney with whom decide to work. The bankruptcy process takes time and you want to work with someone you trust. Meet with different attorneys to see if find “a good fit” for your situation.

Still have questions?

Legal services are not cheap, but they do afford you the benefit of working with a skilled professional. We recommend calling our office today to set up a consultation to discuss the best options for you.