Bankruptcy is a federal legal process by the United States government that gives an individual or group in deep financial trouble the to clear their debt and get a fresh start. When utilized properly, filing for bankruptcy is a great tool in helping prevent untoward actions by your creditors since the bankruptcy court places an automatic stay which stops most creditors from doing any collections.

There’s no denying how effective bankruptcy filing can be. However, there’s a catch: getting it done takes time and is by no means a quick process. You need to accomplish several forms and come up with documents that will help you build a strong bankruptcy case. And none of it usually gets accomplished in a hurry, even with excellent legal assistance from a Pasadena bankruptcy attorney.

Fortunately, there’s actually a way to speed up the bankruptcy filing process if you are running short of time. By using an online method called emergency bankruptcy, you may accomplish the remaining documents later while still receiving the automatic stay. If you live in Pasadena or somewhere within Los Angeles County, reach out to a Pasadena emergency bankruptcy attorney from Daniela Romero Law to make sure that everything gets processed correctly.

Why do I need a Bankruptcy Attorney in Southern California?

It’s normal to be concerned about how much it costs to file for bankruptcy. It’s also normal to be nervous about how the process can affect your credit score. If these things hold you back from making a decision, all you probably need is a Pasadena emergency bankruptcy attorney to answer your questions and lessen your worries.

When choosing Daniela Romero Law, clients can sleep well at night knowing that they’re working with a bankruptcy attorney who:

  • Is a strong believer in serving and giving back to the community
  • Is committed to helping you regain control of your finances and give you a chance at a brighter future
  • Has a clear understanding of how scary and daunting the bankruptcy process can be and will walk you through every single step
  • Has a ton of experience in the field of bankruptcy and is dedicated to making the process as quick and efficient as possible
  • Makes an effort to keep bankruptcy filing more affordable to those who want to benefit from it

If you want to avail of the services our law office has to offer, fill up this form right now, and a reliable Pasadena emergency bankruptcy attorney will get back to you soon!

What is Emergency Bankruptcy?

Also known as a Skeletal Petition, Emergency Bankruptcy is filed when an individual has limited documents. The bankruptcy court will accept an emergency bankruptcy filing provided that the petitioner will be able to submit all of the minimum required forms.

When you’re in need of a quick way to file for bankruptcy, you can now start the process by filing for bankruptcy online. Another advantage of emergency bankruptcy filing is that you can do it at any time during the day. All clients have to do is upload a soft copy of each required form or document and submit the rest at a later day.

How Emergency Bankruptcy Becomes an Option?

Under normal circumstances, it’s not a very good idea to petition for emergency bankruptcy. However, the bankruptcy process, regardless of chapter type, requires you to come up with several documents and fill out many forms. All your documentation should contain accurate information that provides the bankruptcy court with everything they need to understand your situation. And this takes time. A lot of it.

Whether it’s because your creditors are giving you a hard time or your home is on the verge of being foreclosed, there are certain cases where there’s a strong need to file for bankruptcy in a hurry. With the help of a Pasadena emergency bankruptcy attorney, the following undesirable outcomes can be avoided:

  • Foreclosure (the sale of your home)
  • Eviction
  • Car repossessions
  • Lawsuits
  • Wage garnishments

That said, you still need to comply with a few requirements before you can petition for Emergency Bankruptcy in Southern California.

Emergency Bankruptcy Requirements

The following documents and forms are required to file for an Emergency Bankruptcy:

  • Bankruptcy filing fee. You can also request to waive the fee or request to pay it in installments.
  • The bankruptcy petition form. This document must contain your personal information, the chapter you’re petitioning for, and other important details about your case. 
  • The creditor matrix. A document that contains a list of all your creditors.
  • The credit counseling certificate. This proves that you have attended and completed a credit counseling session or requested a waiver.
  • Completed Form B121. This is also known as your statement about your social security numbers)

Moreover, it is important that you submit all the remaining required documents (as listed on Form 2000) within 14 days after the date of your petition. Your case may get dismissed if you are unable to do so.

Prior to submitting your petition, it would be best to consult with a Pasadena emergency bankruptcy attorney so you have someone to check if everything is properly and accurately filled out. 

What are the Steps in Filing for Emergency Bankruptcy? 

In order to file for a Skeletal Petition, you must follow these steps:

  1. Check with the bankruptcy court’s website or the clerk to know the exact forms you need to submit for your emergency bankruptcy petition.
  2. Fill out the bankruptcy petition form. Fill out the voluntary petition form for individuals filing for bankruptcy)
  3. On the creditor matrix, be sure to list all the names and addresses of the people you owe money. You must also include collection agencies, attorneys, sheriffs, and other individuals or groups who need to collect from you. Refer to the address used during the most recent billing statement.
  4. Fill out Your Statement About Your Social Security Numbers form (Form B121)
  5. Accomplish any other paperwork required by the court. 
  6. Along with your filing fee/fee waiver application and a request to pay in installments, file the originals and the required number of petition copies with the court clerk. Make sure to keep copies of everything for future reference.
  7. File the other remaining required forms within 14 days to prevent your case from being dismissed.

Seek the legal assistance of a Pasadena emergency bankruptcy attorney first before performing any of the steps mentioned above.

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