Our office receives many calls from people concerned about their low credit score. If you can relate to this, you are not alone! Having a good credit score is a concern for most of us. In fact, advertisements for checking your credit score or credit report are everywhere. So, what do you do if you want to improve your low score?

What You Can Do:

There are ways that you can take control your credit score:

  • Review your credit score: Look for areas of improvement or any mistakes. 
  • Make a budget: A budget will help you find areas to spend less and catch up on your bills and/or payments.
  • Pay your bills on time: If you pay your bills on time, you will be certain that none of your payments will end up in collections.
  • Use credit wisely: When possible, pay more than minimum every month if you cannot afford to pay it off in full.
  • Seek professional help: Don’t be afraid to ask for help! There are numerous resources for information and support available.

Ready to Take Control?

At the Law Office of Daniela Romero, we believe in relationships that are based on trust. Before we work together we would like to get to know you and we would like you to get to know us. This is to make sure you are the right fit for us and that we are the perfect fit for you, so that you can be completely comfortable sharing even the most intimate and difficult details of your case with us so we can offer you representation to the fullest extent of the law.

Our office has put together a 15-Week program designed to help you take control of your financial destiny. We are very proud of our Credit Rebuilder Program and believe it will give you all the information and tools you need to make improvements to your credit score. Reach out to us today to hear more information. Give yourself the gift of better credit! Schedule your free phone consultation to learn more.