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At the Law Office of Daniela Romero, APLC, we know the tax law, and we can help you resolve any tax issues you may have, such as back taxes, audit representation, and more! Daniela Romero is dedicated to helping California residents get out of debt. With her years of experience, she can help you resolve all of your tax debts quickly and easily. Call us today to schedule a free initial consultation and speak with a trusted tax resolution attorney!


Here’s Why You Need a Pasadena Tax Resolution Attorney

Without the right tax resolution assistance, tax penalties pile up. Working with our Pasadena tax resolution attorney could:

  • Free you of the stress and anxiety of dealing with the IRS
  • Help you navigate through the complicated legal system
  • Help you understand the Tax Law and what you are going through
  • Find a solution to your tax issue

At Daniela Romero Law, we help people resolve tax problems and stop IRS actions against them quickly and for much less than what you currently owe. 

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We can help with:

Years of Unfiled Tax Returns

Every year, you are required to file a tax return, but there are times when life’s circumstances may prevent you from doing so. When that occurs, the IRS may make an educated guess about how much you owe based on the paperwork it has already received, like Forms W-2 and 1099. You can get help preparing returns from prior years from our Pasadena tax resolution attorney.

Back Taxes

Owing back taxes means you might be unable to pay the entire amount due in one lump sum. Examining your returns to confirm that you are accountable for the back taxes you are being charged is a component of tax resolution. Our Pasadena tax resolution attorney can help you communicate with IRS in developing a strategy that makes paying back taxes easier to manage.

Tax Liens and Levies

The tax authority may place a lien on your house or other valuable property if you have difficulties paying your property taxes, federal taxes, or state taxes. Any liens on a property must be adequately cleared and dismissed to aid you in preventing foreclosure and other issues. A Pasadena tax resolution lawyer can carry on tax settlement to ensure that any liens have been properly dismissed or withdrawn. This effort can also help safeguard your property against liens.

Audit Representation

For various reasons, the IRS audits people, but just because they chose to audit you doesn’t indicate you did anything wrong. You can feel more secure knowing that the audit results will be as accurate and fair as possible by hiring a qualified tax resolution attorney to assist you in putting together an audit defense.

Wage Garnishment

One of the measures the IRS takes is wage garnishment, which reduces or eliminates your paycheck. Negotiating with the IRS before it starts to garnish your pay is a part of tax resolution. To show the IRS that you can pay what you owe without having to intervene and take the money immediately, a Pasadena tax resolution lawyer can assist you with the legal matter and create a payment plan.
You should rectify your tax issue as quickly as possible. Professional assistance with tax resolution will reduce stress and headaches while ensuring you don’t overpay the IRS.

The Daniela Romero Law 3-Step Tax Resolution Process

We Consider Your Concern and Look for the Best Resolution

At Daniela Romero Law, the first order of business is continually establishing connections with our clients. We will sit down and listen to your tax concerns, educate you on the tax law, and develop strategies. Our Pasadena tax resolution lawyers will carry on client protection procedures, perform full case assessment, open communication with IRS or State, and continue building an action plan.

Document Compilation for IRS Compliance

The next step is the compilation of documents in compliance with IRS requirements. We ensure that every step of this process is done correctly so that you pay no more than you owe. Once we have prepared all necessary documents and strategized our presentation, we will challenge the IRS and allow us to be heard. Privacy is important to us, so we ensure that all essential documents and information will be kept confidential once we proceed with your tax resolution.

We Get You Set Up to Avoid Tax Problems

Our service here at Daniela Romero Law does not take a full stop at just resolving one tax issue. After we succeed in determining your tax, we will make sure to inform you and guide you through the correct process to avoid any tax problems in the future.

You Don’t Have to Face the IRS Alone

Taking on the IRS without a tax resolution attorney is like trying to rewire your home without an electrician. Maybe it can be done but should you? The answer is “NO” unless you want the IRS to short out and burn down your house metaphorically. Paying a non-attorney tax resolution service to help you with the IRS is not much better.

A non-attorney tax resolution service cannot represent you in court or give you legal advice if you face real problems. You will need to hire a tax resolution attorney anyway, and the tax resolution service isn’t going to give you a refund. So, why not start with our Pasadena tax attorney on your side?

Before hiring one of those tax resolution services, call us. We’ll give you a free state and federal tax debt analysis and discuss your options with no high-pressure sales or obligations. We’ll just give you straight answers and sound advice. Call us today!

Stop IRS Harassment Today!

Is the IRS sending threatening letters, or have they already started collection actions? The IRS can seize your assets, like your home and business, without a court order! You won’t deal with the IRS with us on your side anymore. If you act now, we may be able to stop the IRS before it’s too late.


Your Tax Problem Resolved, Think Tax Relief!

Get in touch with us today! You are one step to reaching tax resolution by sending us a message or calling our law firm to discuss your tax concerns. Our Pasadena tax attorney has done thousands of tax resolution cases to know what works best and what does not come out with good results. Obtain tax relief now, and be able to avoid other tax problems in the future. Remember that tax penalties pile up quickly, and there is no better time to act than now.

Frequently Asked Question on Tax Resolution in Pasadena

YES, some taxes may be discharged in bankruptcy. However, you must have a professional analyze your situation using some complicated tests to determine whether the taxes in your particular case can be discharged. Please call our office so that we can help you with your tax debt.

Even if your taxes are not dischargeable, we can negotiate a monthly payment with IRS for you until the taxes ARE dischargeable. If you have tax debt, it is important to take action and have your situation evaluated by a professional as soon as possible. To avoid additional tax debt, interest and penalties, call us.

Ensuring that your tax files are up to date and in conformity with the IRS and state regulations is the first step in the tax process. All of the taxpayer’s tax returns need to be submitted and current to settle back tax issues. Our attorneys will assess your position to decide the best course of action to settle your tax concerns as soon as all of your tax returns are current and finished, if necessary.

Our Pasadena tax resolution lawyer completes all the documentation and submits all the necessary documents to negotiate and achieve the course of action for handling your tax issue in Pasadena that you both think is the best possible choice. The process takes time, and our tax resolution lawyer will handle everything along the road to ensure that the IRS and state will accept the tax problems that we filed for on your behalf.

You will be back on the road to compliance and in good standing with the IRS and/or state after your submission is accepted and the course of action is officially launched and set up. You will continue to be in good standing if you pay your taxes on time and comply with state and federal regulations. Our Pasadena tax resolution attorney will keep an eye on your situation to ensure that you maintain good standing with the IRS and will work with you to prevent reoccurring problems. We want to ensure you move on from this trying time in your life and never look back.

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