I had a very challenging time during the recession, losing my full-time job while pursuing a Master’s and there came a time where I simply “hit the wall” in my finances. In the midst of it, I also had a couple of incorrectly reported, disputed debts along with a couple of legitimate but ever so painful marks such as my believing my closing AT&T bill had been paid while actually have something like a $7 remaining balance!? Daniela was very kind, straightforward and compassionate in helping me through the final stretches of cleaning up my credit where the last one or two Collection Agencies were reporting negatively based on bad information and as a consumer, they essentially would not take me seriously. They took Daniela seriously and in a sense gave her professional courtesy that they would not afford me, allowing for removal of a negative report being removed. A few months later, I was checking my credit, talking to a Mortgage Lender about the CALHFA program, intending to simply inquire and I didn’t realize my FICO score was already high enough to be approved for a CALHFA Mortgage! About 40-45 days later, I was a homeowner! Don’t give up, people! You may have to learn to hold your peace as you fight through your challenges but do methodically chip away and you will begin to see light at the end of the tunnel. As you do, you’d be well served to have Daniela walk alongside you and help.