Were your wages garnished? If so, you may be avoiding hiring an attorney. However, hiring an experienced attorney will provide you with the necessary knowledge and experience to navigate the legal processes involved with a wage garnishment.

Not Sure About Your Options?

If you have been sued by a debt-buyer like Midland Funding, you might not be aware of your options to fight back. Remember, the debt-buyers always have legal representation. They have someone or a team of people to help them navigate the legal system to ensure the best outcome for the debt-buyer. Why shouldn’t you have the same support in your corner?

Afraid Hiring An Attorney Is Too Expensive

So, your first step is to do some research. Look into your legal options by speaking with different attorneys. Most attorneys offer free consultations, so it is wise to make consultation appointments to meet with them and discuss your situation.

Just Finding Out About A Lawsuit?

In some cases, you may not have been properly notified of the lawsuit. Sometimes, debt-buyers send notice to an incorrect address. They can even get permission from the court to serve by showing a copy of the complaint and summons that went to the incorrect address. When you do not respond to the complaint, the court is able to enter a default which can result in a wage garnishment.

Still Unsure What To Do?

Call our office today to Schedule your free phone consultation. The first step to taking control of the situation is arming yourself with more information.