Our office has had many clients come in with lawsuits from Midland Funding which resulted in garnished wages. What you need to know about Midland Funding is that they are a debt buyer. Debt buyers like Midland Funding purchase delinquent debts from credit card companies or banks to collect money on debts they purchased in bulk. Other debt buyers that we frequently see are Cavalry SPV and Encore Capital Group.

Our previous article explains the problems with ignoring a lawsuit from a company like Midland Funding. Ignoring the lawsuit can result in garnished wages or funds being removed from your bank accounts. If your wages have already beed garnished or money was removed from your bank account, you still have options.

Fight it on your own

If you have already lost the lawsuit and received a judgment against you, you should have been provided with information on how to contest the garnishment. You have the option of filing a lawsuit on your own. This can be difficult without the legal guidance of a professional attorney.

File for bankruptcy

Do not be alarmed by the possibility of filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy offers you more protections than attempting to take care of your wage garnishment alone.

Once you file for bankruptcy, your attorney and the court will contact all the creditors listed in your bankruptcy paperwork to explain that you have filed for bankruptcy. The creditors must cease all communication with you and direct any inquiries to your attorney instead. If you have a pending foreclosure, wage garnishment, repossession, or eviction, this will be especially helpful.

However, there are instances where an automatic stay can be delayed or lifted by the court in certain circumstances, but the court will not lift an automatic stay without reviewing the case thoroughly.

What option is best?

Ultimately, you will need to make this decision on your own. However, you do not have to fight this alone! Find out what options will work for you and use that information to get your money back. Call our office today for a consultation.