Employment Development Department (EDD) fraud refers to any fraudulent activity that involves using false information to apply and receive unemployment benefits from EDD. It can include falsifying information about employment status and/or using fake or stolen identities to apply for benefits. This can be done by a single scammer or an organized crime group.

Do you suspect that you are a victim of EDD fraud? Here are a few steps that you can take to see whether or not your identity has been stolen and used to file a fraudulent unemployment benefits claim in your name:

  1. Look up your EDD account regularly to look for any suspicious activity, such as changes or discrepancies in your personal information and/or unauthorized transactions. If you see any of these things, report them to EDD immediately.
  2. Look for any mail or email you may have received from EDD about unemployment benefits you did not apply for. If you’ve received any, it may mean that someone else applied for unemployment benefits in your name and that you are a victim of EDD Fraud.
  3. Check your credit report for any new accounts or inquiries that were not made by you. This usually happens before a fraudulent unemployment benefits claim has been filed.
  4. Contact EDD immediately if you suspect that your identity was stolen and that someone has filed a fraudulent benefits claim in your name. You can do this by calling the EDD Fraud Hotline at 1-800-229-6297 or online at askEDD, you can also send a fax to 1-866-340-5484.  Once you report it, EDD will investigate and take appropriate action.
  5. File a police report. It is always a good idea to document a crime by filing a police report. If you have evidence that your identity has been stolen and used to file a fraudulent claim you will want to have a record of it to help clear your name and prevent further fraudulent activity.
  6. Keep an eye on your bank and credit accounts. Report any unauthorized transactions immediately. You can also place a fraud alert or credit freeze on your credit report to help prevent any further fraudulent activity.

If you have been a victim of EDD fraud and received benefits that you did not apply for or were not eligible for, you may be held responsible for repaying those funds, which can result in a significant amount of debt that you may not be able to pay back. Filing for bankruptcy can potentially help with EDD fraud against you by allowing you to discharge or eliminate any debts related to the fraudulent unemployment claims , but it may not address the criminal aspect of EDD fraud against you, so it is still necessary to follow through with the steps listed above to help clear your name and protect your identity.

It is important to consult with a bankruptcy attorney so they can explain all options available to you and determine the best course of action for your particular case.  

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