Testimonials | Pasadena, CA
2707, 2023


I've always had amazing credit but had a very bad year and couldn't pay my debt. After waking up and finding my bank account frozen, I went into a panic. Ms. Romero was highly recommended and did not disappoint. She explained everything in a way I could understand and made [...]

2707, 2023


I hired Ms Romero to convert my chapter 13 bankruptcy  case to a chapter 7  case.  I was unhappy with my original attorney who did my chapter 13. Ms Romero explained everything to me. She is knowledgeable as well as patient. This is my first time on yelp. I hope [...]

2707, 2023


I highly recommend Daniela Romero S an attorney. She took the time to answer all of my questions, and went the extra mile to insure my case was filed correctly. I couldn't have found a better attorney. She is also very patient and also very nice. Give her a call, [...]

2707, 2023


Daniela Romero is a wonder, caring, attorney who helps people with financial struggles. If you are having a hard time making ends meet and living paycheck to paycheck I would not hesitate to meet with her to develop a plan to get your finances back on track!

2707, 2023


This was my first time going through a BK and Daniela was so helpful with the process. She is so thorough and obviously very experienced in this field. Her team is also very knowledgeable of the process too.

2707, 2023


Daniela Romero and her team are an extraordinary group. They are professional and caring. When so much is on the line , you want someone who can deliver top notch legal services , but also treat you as if you were a member of the family. This is the attorney [...]

2707, 2023

Latisha K.

I am beyond satisfied with Daniela Romero’s services. She took very good care of me and my case. She is amazing and a true gem!!!

2707, 2023


My wife and I consulted with and then hired Daniela and her staff to secure a Chapter 7 discharge of massive credit card debt.  My mental health suffered greatly during the process because I was overly nervous. After 40 years of paying bills on time, suddenly we were in the [...]

2305, 2023

Peggy O

Daniela Romero is a no-nonsense, articulate lawyer with a unique warmth about her. Her advice was crystal clear, and she helped me map out the path to a solution for my dilemma. Her deep experience is apparent when consulting, and she’s a great, active listener.