My wife and I consulted with and then hired Daniela and her staff to secure a Chapter 7 discharge of massive credit card debt. 

My mental health suffered greatly during the process because I was overly nervous. After 40 years of paying bills on time, suddenly we were in the position of not paying our cards and falling deeper into debt. 

My wife was calmer with help from our lawyer and after several months of working through our situation with Daniela, our filing, and then discharge came through beautifully due to the expert professionalism of Daniela and Melissa. 

My wife starts a new, better paying job next week, I have a new job, and we have ZERO debt. We enrolled in the credit repair program and have our lives back. 

Our only regret is that we didn’t do this 10 years ago! 

If you want your life back, I urge you to make a consultation with Daniella ASAP.