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Are you at risk of losing your home? If you have received a notice from your lender that your home is in foreclosure, don’t panic. Our Pasadena foreclosure attorney at the Law Office of Daniela Romero, APLC can help you stop foreclosure and keep your home.

The Law Office of Daniela Romero, APLC is a Pasadena-based law firm with years of experience in bankruptcy and debt relief. We understand California foreclosure laws and know how to best navigate the system to avoid foreclosure. We will prepare and file paperwork in court on your behalf and negotiate with the lender on your behalf. We can help also you file for bankruptcy if that is what is best for your situation. Call us today to Schedule your free phone consultation!

How can I avoid foreclosure in California?

The American dream has always included owning a home. Unfortunately, many homeowners in Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley, are suffering financial difficulties that have put them behind on their mortgage and they may now face foreclosure. Maybe you have had unexpected medical expenses or you lost your job. Maybe a predatory lender put you into bad loan that was doomed to foreclosure from the start. No matter what lead to your current situation, you really have just two options: a) Do nothing and let the foreclosure process run its course or, b) hire an experienced foreclosure attorney to fight for you.

There are many options available to those facing foreclosure including:

  • State Programs
  • Federal Programs
  • Lender Workouts
  • Litigation
  • Bankruptcy

If you are facing foreclosure, don’t give up! Call Pasadena foreclosure attorney, Daniela Romero today. We have helped many San Gabriel Valley residents find solutions to their foreclosure problems and keep their homes.

Stop Foreclosure Today!

If you are facing foreclosure, don’t give up. You have worked too hard to just walk away from your home. Don’t wait! Start your fight today!

Fight Foreclosure!

What is the California Foreclosure Process?

Foreclosure can be a very long process that is fraught with problems and pitfalls. That is why you need an experienced foreclosure attorney on your side.

When you fall behind on your mortgage payments, your lender will issue a “Notice of Default.” You then have a period of time to catch up on your payments or you may attempt to sell your home for less than it is worth in a “Short Sale.”

You may also be able to workout an agreement with your lender to catch up or you may be able to qualify for one of the special government programs to help you keeo your home. If are unable to work out a solution, your home will eventually be sold at auction. If the property does not sell, your lender will assume ownership of your home. In either event, you will eventually be evicted from your home.

In many cases, it does not have to go this way. You may be able to keep your home and reduce your mortgage payments to something you can afford. But, you will likely need the help of an experienced foreclosure attorney to stay in your home.

What Are My Foreclosure Options?

Our experienced foreclosure attorney will formulate the best possible foreclosure defense plan for you. Your options may include:

  • Reinstatement
  • Short sale
  • Homeowner relief programs like H.A.M.P., Hope Now, and Making Home Affordable.
  • Deed-in-lieu of foreclosure
  • Loan modification
  • Pre-foreclosure equity sale
  • Forbearance programs
  • Bankruptcy (Chapter 7 or Chapter 13)

We will take the time to explore all of these options with you and explain your rights and obligations. Together, we will craft a foreclosure defense plan that will give you the best chance of staying in your home.

Stop Foreclosure! Start Today!

To get started, contact our Pasadena foreclosure attorney today. We will go to work quickly to contact your lender and start a legal foreclosure defense for you. Daniela Romero is an experienced foreclosure attorney who has helped many people in the San Gabriel Valley stop foreclosure and keep their homes.

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