1211, 2021

What Happens If You Declare Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Petitions and the Aftermath Having to pay back credit card bills, medical bills, and personal loans can be difficult due to the current economic situation. Trying to stop repossession, foreclosure, or even wage garnishment can also be quite a challenge. [...]

2910, 2021

229. Can a Reaffirmation Agreement Help Me in Bankruptcy?

Considering bankruptcy or getting ready to file one? If so, you may not know how a reaffirmation agreement can help you. Deciding to sign a reaffirmation agreement is something that you should discuss with your attorney. However, you will need to [...]

2210, 2021

228. Help! My Spouse Doesn’t Want to File Bankruptcy with Me

Are you ready to file for bankruptcy, but your spouse is against the idea? You are not alone. Bankruptcy can be a scary endeavor, especially if you or your spouse have misconceptions about the process and results. Here's what you need [...]

1510, 2021

227. Help! I Cannot Afford to Pay My Medical Bills

Are you dealing with a large amount of medical debt? You are not alone! In fact, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 26% of American adults said that they or someone in their household was struggling with paying medical bills. Many [...]

110, 2021

224. Are You Ready to Resume Your Student Loan Payments?

Most federal student loans are not due for repayment due to extended coronavirus relief. However, this extension will be over in January 2022. Are you ready to resume your payments? Here's what you need to know: How to Get Ready For [...]

2709, 2021

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Income Limits

Filing for Bankruptcy Consumer bankruptcy can help an individual resolve debt under federal court protection. While most filers wish to wipe their debts out, different bankruptcy types are suited for other circumstances. Filing for bankruptcy is not easy, but it can [...]

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