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1509, 2023

What Is Nonexempt Property in Bankruptcy?

Comprehensive Guide to Nonexempt Property in Bankruptcy When you file for bankruptcy, a system will determine which properties you can keep and which ones you cannot. One of the most common questions that our law office receives every day is, "What [...]

809, 2023

295- Tax Fraud Alerts: Avoiding IRS-Related Scams in Tax Season

Tax Fraud Alerts: Avoiding IRS-Related Scams in Tax Season The journey to resolving tax issues can be complex, especially with the increasing threats of IRS-related scams and pitfalls. Ensuring you're equipped with accurate knowledge can significantly streamline the tax resolution process. [...]

2508, 2023

294- The Most Common Bankruptcy Mistakes

Prevent these usual bankruptcy mistakes for your financial safety Facing financial struggles is never easy, and knowing the common bankruptcy mistakes people often make can save you from additional distress. Located in the heart of Pasadena, CA, the Law Office of [...]

408, 2023

291- Who Is This Debt Collector Suing Me?

Who Is This Debt Collector Suing Me? Are you being sued by a company you've never heard of like Portfolio Recovery, Midland Funding, Cach LLC, Cavalry Portfolio Services or LVNV Funding? If so, chances are your debt was sold to a [...]

2507, 2023

Most Common Alternatives To Bankruptcy And When To Consider Them

Beyond Bankruptcy: Practical Alternatives and Their Timing The heavy weight of unsustainable debts can be lifted by declaring bankruptcy, which gives people the opportunity to reconstruct their financial lives, learn important lessons about money management, and recover control over their future [...]

1407, 2023

What Are Five Key Factors That Can Unexpectedly Raise Your Taxes?

  What Are Five Key Factors That Can Unexpectedly Raise Your Taxes? Proper tax planning is a crucial aspect of financial management that should be addressed throughout the year. Waiting until April to assess your tax liability is a risky move. [...]

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