During these uncertain times, you may be worrying about the best options for your business. Did you know that a business or LLC can file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

How It Works

Just like an individual filing, the Chapter 7 Trustee will liquidate the assets of your business and settle your debts. However, exemptions will not be applied in a business filing. While the trustee is liquidating assets, your business will stop functioning. This will allow the trustee to sell off anything and/or everything in order to pay off creditors. The entire company will be liquidated. Typically, there is nothing left at the end of this process for owners. No discharge will be acquired through the bankruptcy, since creditors are unable to collect from a company that is no longer operating. However, speak with your attorney about any concerns regarding potential lawsuits. If you are looking to continue operating your business, speak to your attorney about filing under Chapter 11.

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