Coming to the decision to speak with an attorney is not easy. It can be intimidating to know which attorney to hire. We recommend that you do your research. Speak with different qualified bankruptcy attorneys before making any final decisions. However, we are confident that our office will provide you with the dedicated service that you need. Here are five reasons we think you should choose our office:

1. Specialization:

Our Pasadena office specializes in bankruptcy and debt-related matters.  The years of experience dedicated to helping clients navigate bankruptcy, foreclosure, and debt reduction have provided Ms. Romero with the knowledge necessary to help you to find the best possible solution for your situation.

2. Cost-Effective Representation: 

We understand that you are concerned about your finances. Also, retaining an attorney of any kind can be expensive. However, our office is upfront and honest about the costs of filing for bankruptcy. We are willing to work with you to find a solution!

3. Dedicated Service:

Our office understand that you are not just another case. You are a person with a unique situation to be considered. Just as not all people are the same, not all bankruptcy cases are alike. Ms. Romero will listen to all you have to say to get a better understanding of your unique situation and provide you with detailed, easy to understand advice throughout your case.

4. Research: 

Our office takes pride in continuing professional development. This ensures that we are knowledgeable about any changes or updates to the law. By continuous research and analysis, we will be sure to explore and implement the best options for you.

5. Results:

Ms. Romero’s record of approved bankruptcy plans and client reviews show the enthusiasm and dedication she has for helping people.

So, if you are considering speaking to a qualified bankruptcy attorney in Southern California, contact our office for a consultation.