If you are struggling with your debt, you may be looking at options for a way out. Bankruptcy can be a great option for a financial fresh start. But, how will you know if bankruptcy is right for you? Here’s what you need to about what bankruptcy can do for you:

So, What Does Bankruptcy Do?

Simply put, bankruptcy can be an excellent tool for you to achieve a financial fresh start. Depending under which chapter of bankruptcy you file, it can greatly reduce or wipe out your debt entirely. Also, bankruptcy stops wage garnishments, the majority of lawsuits, and other debt collection contact.

When your case is filed, the court will issue an order called an automatic stay. This will stop most creditor calls, wage garnishments, and lawsuits, but not all. For more information about the automatic stay, click here.

Other Ways Bankruptcy Can Help You

  • Stop a foreclosure, repossession, or eviction
  • Wipe out your credit card debt and most unsecured debts that are considered nonpriority debts
  • It can even wipe out some secured debts. However, you should speak with your attorney, as you will likely need to give up the property

What Can’t Bankruptcy Do?

Bankruptcy will not be able to stop all creditors and it will not eliminate all obligations. For example, you will still need to pay any arrears for your alimony, child support, and most tax debt(s).

1. A secured creditor can still foreclose or repossess a property that you cannot afford.

While, your bankruptcy discharge will eliminate debt(s), it won’t eliminate liens. So, if you have a debt that is secured by a lien or property, bankruptcy can remove your obligation to repay the debt. Speak with your attorney, since the lien will not be removed from the property. Meaning, the creditor can still take the collateral.

Need More Information?

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