Are you considering bankruptcy? If so, you may be wondering how to get more information from a qualified bankruptcy attorney during this time. Good news! Our office, and many others, are offering telephone and video conferencing appointments to get you the answers you need.
So, what you can do to prepare for your consultation? Be prepared to ask and answer questions about your potential filing. You can also use this time to go over concerns and find out more about how bankruptcy works. You will also want to discuss your circumstances in detail and review the options on how to move forward.

What Should I Have Prepared?

 To assist the attorney in understanding your financial background and filing eligibility, there is documentation you may want to bring with you:
  • Proof of income: pay stubs from your job, self-employment earnings, and other forms of income (workers compensation, retirement, child support, social security, etc). You may need to provide income proof for the last 6 months if possible.
  • Income tax returns: documentation for the last 2 years. If you intend to file bankruptcy make sure taxes are filed and current. If they are not, let the attorney know.
  • List of your debts: credit cards, medical bills, mortgage, vehicle, personal loans, and other outstanding loans or monies owed.  If you have received a summons or notification of being sued (lawsuit), tell the attorney right away.
  • Household expenses: a list of necessary living expenses (food, clothes, utilities, rent, medical and other payments you make on a monthly basis) any debt payments, charitable contributions, and insurance premiums should also be included.
Do you have valuable assets such as property, stocks, a retirement account, jewelry, or other items? If so, ask how these items can be protected if you decide to file.  The more information you have prepared, the better understanding you will have about your bankruptcy eligibility.

Tips for Video Conference

You should be provided with a link to join your video conference. You may be asked to input a Meeting ID and Password, which will be provided. Please be sure to have audio and/or video capabilities.

Have a Camera – It is also helpful to limit the background noise ( i.e. kids, pets, coffee shops, car noise, etc.). This will help others can hear you clearly. You can also adjust the lighting to best showcase you.

Come Prepared:  Please arrive on time and prepared with a list of questions you would like answered. You may be asked to complete an information form prior to your consultation. This will help the attorney be better prepared for your appointment.

Use Chat: Most video conferencing platforms offer chat to share documents, images, and links. This can help to share important information or documents that you may have questions about. 

Ready to Discuss Your Options?

At the Law Office of Daniela Romero, we believe in relationships that are based on trust. Before we work together, we would like to get to know you and we would like you to get to know us. We want you to be sure you are the right fit for us and that we are the perfect fit for you. This will allow you to be completely comfortable sharing intimate and difficult details of your case, so we can offer you representation to the fullest extent of the law. Call us today to set up a free consultation. We offer phone and video consultations during this difficult time.