Dealing with debt can be overwhelming, no matter the size of that debt. And, if you are trying to conquer your debt, it can be difficult to stay motivated. Fortunately, there are proactive steps you can take to reduce or even eliminate your debt and your stress.

1. Make a Budget

Easy enough, right? But, most people do not use a budget to track their spending. However, using a budget is an important tool to keeping track of where your money is going. Come up with a map of where your money is going every month and cut out any unnecessary expenses until your bills are paid. Remember, there are many free budget-planning resources out there that can help.

2. Set Specific Goals

Once you have your budget in place, set a goal for yourself. Say it out loud. Write it down. You are more likely to complete a goal, if you set a specific goal for yourself. For example, “I will save $500 ” instead of “I want to save more money.”

3. Be Prepared for Temptations

Remember, there will be temptations and hiccups along the way. Having a plan for what to do when you are tempted to step off your path can help. This can include having a designated supporter to keep you on track. If you know that sales are too hard to resist, unsubscribe from sale emails or avoid the store that always gets you. Or, go in with a list and stick to only the things you planned on buying.

4. Find Ways to Keep it Interesting

You will be more likely to stick to your plan, if you can come up with ways to make it fun or interesting. The way that you approach your goals can make a huge difference.

5. Consider Seeking Professional Help.

Finally, asking for help may be what you need to redirect your focus. If you are feeling overwhelmed and want a guiding hand, there are many options available. Speaking with a financial advisor, credit counselor, or qualified bankruptcy attorney can help you find the best path towards becoming debt-free.

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