Are you tired of dealing with your debt? Maybe you’ve decided to speak with a bankruptcy attorney about how filing can give you a financial fresh start. If so, you need to know what kind of paperwork is required for a bankruptcy case. Here’s what you will need:

What Documents Do I Need for Bankruptcy?

Your attorney will need you to provide a number of important documents to prepare your filing. Also, the trustee in your bankruptcy case, may request new or updated financial documents as well. Here are the most important documents that you will need to have ready for your filing. Keep in mind that some documents may not be applicable to your situation or different documents may be requested. Speak with your attorney for more information.

  • Proof of income: Examples include pay stubs from your job, self-employment earnings, and any other form of income (workers’ compensation, retirement, child support, social security, etc.). Also, it is important to note that you may need to provide income proof for the last 6 months.
  • Income tax returns: You will need to provide your full federal and state tax returns for the last two years. You must be current with your tax filings. If you are not, you must share this with your attorney as soon as possible.
  • List of your debts and assets: It is best to provide your attorney with all known credit card, medical bill, mortgage, vehicle, personal loan, and other outstanding loan debt. Also, you must disclose any other monies that are owed.  If you have received a summons or notification of being sued (lawsuit), tell the attorney right away. Your attorney can help you look up any debt you may have forgotten through your credit report.
  • Household expenses: Keep in mind that you will need to list all necessary living expenses (food, clothes, utilities, rent, medical and other payments you make monthly) of any debt payments, charitable contributions, and insurance premiums.
  • Own a business? You will need to provide profit and loss statements as well as business tax returns. If you have never put together a profit and loss sheet, your attorney can provide an example for your reference.

What Else Will You Need to Disclose?

Do you have any valuable assets such as property, stocks, a retirement account, jewelry, or other items? If so, discuss with your attorney how these items can be protected in your filing. You will also want to indicate if you have made any transfers of title or recent payments to family or friends. Your attorney will speak with you in detail about everything that you will need to disclose in your bankruptcy.

Ready to File?

The recommended documents listed in the section above are likely to be requested by the trustee assigned to your bankruptcy filing. Some trustees will require you to provide documentation throughout your case, but your attorney will help you navigate the process of submitting additional documents after your filing.

Need More Information?

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